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grow with your garden

I will help you make the most of your garden whether you are a new gardener or an old hand and enjoy the process to boot!

It doesn’t matter if you love to be fully ‘hands on’ or prefer to bring in some help to action the physical work - during the course of the year you will see real change to the garden and experience yourself gaining confidence as well as knowledge. You’ll be enjoying the wellbeing benefits that gaining ownership and loving your garden bring too.

Meeting each season makes it easy to see what’s needed next and to make plans to build on the previous seasons’ achievements.  Throughout the process I offer design and gardening advice as well as encourage, support and help you keep on track.

The programme comprises five sessions of three hours over the course of the year.

A year in your garden from our garden designer for horticultural therapy & wellbeing

get to the heart of it...

The first session is all about discovering what you’re wanting to achieve in the garden and to assess what needs to happen to make the most of your garden within the time frame, energy and budget you have.

I might create a sketched layout for the garden before we set out a plan of action for the year and deciding what you’d like to be getting on with before we meet again.  If you need professional help I will do my best to find someone good in your area to help you I’m also available on email throughout the year when you need some support or have a question.  

We meet again during each following season to reflect on what you have done since we last met and look at what the garden needs, in terms of planting or layout change, to fulfil its potential this season and going forward. We will also reflect on how the process has been for you so far and what you need to help you get what you want out of the process.

The programme can begin in any season and is designed to help you not only improve your garden but also gain awareness about yourself; what supports you personally and how to use both the garden and the seasons to enhance your wellbeing.

A Year in your Garden costs £1375 which includes travel of up to one hour from my home in South Oxfordshire.


why work with me?

I have personal experience of the power that creating a garden has to support us. Not only does that space outside your door become useful and beautiful it is a place to go when things feel tricky, to ground, relax and calm. If you’re dealing with something traumatic your garden can offer healing and if you’re bitten by the bug it can be a new hobby - a life-enhancing occupation that is healthy as well as productive… Oh - and don’t get me started on the joys of Grow your Own!

Most people who work with gardens are either garden designers or gardeners.  The former often do the whole thing for you and the latter do not usually have the design skills to lay it out or plant it well. Working with me you get the best of both worlds - I have an experienced design eye, as well as gardening knowledge and experience, and I love to collaborate.

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find out more…

I’d really love to help you make the most of your garden. Please do contact me so we can arrange a time to chat.

I live in South Oxfordshire and help garden owners feel the joy mainly around Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds and West London.

Sarah helped us see our garden through new eyes, to see the garden space differently and to identify what really matters.
— C and M, Shillingford



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