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a year in your garden…


your designer & mentor - rolled into one..

The Year in Your Garden programme is perfect for you if you’d like some serious support in developing your gardening skills and confidence along with your garden.  It is a particularly delightful way of working as it offers plenty of time to get really stuck in and ensure we create the garden you want whilst you gain ownership and confidence.

This programme makes a wonderful gift… for yourself or someone you love…  A beautiful Gift Presentation is available.

A year in your garden from our garden designer for horticultural therapy & wellbeing

get to the heart of it...

Over the course of s year the programme includes 5 meet-ups in your garden, each of 3 hours.  The first is a ‘Get to the Heart of it’ session during which we will dig deep to discover what you want from your garden and what you'd like to gain personally from the process before mapping out a plan for the next year.

Seasonal sessions then offer a chance to discuss and assess how you and the garden are doing, get hands on, visit the garden centre or plant nursery perhaps and make a plan for tasks you can be getting on with things between my visits.

I offer design advice and gardening know-how throughout our work together as well as encourage, support and help you keep on track.


what you will gain...

  • A Gorgeous garden - of course!

  • Confidence - in your ability.

  • Knowledge - about how to look after your garden.

  • Wellbeing - that sense of peace that comes with a garden.

  • Inspiration - look carefully and your garden will inspire you.

  • Excitement - every time a new bud shows or a leaf colours up.

  • Fun - it’s fun to get our hands in the soil.

  • Stress-relief - a way of forgetting your day to day life

  • Increased mental health - proven.

  • Physical activity - has to be good.

  • Plant knowledge

  • Some latin plant names - maybe and if you’re interested…

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Oh, such a pleasure to meet with you on a regular basis and to develop the garden together. I am delighted - thank you Sarah!
— J. L. Henley
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