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a philosophy for you and your garden

Your garden is a potential haven just outside your door.  You already recognise how relaxed and happy you feel when you connect with nature and slow down a bit.  Now imagine having access to the benefits of nature in your own space?  Just take a moment to visualise - feel what it would be like to have a garden that fills you up, calms you down and makes you happy.   As well as offering practical space for the kids to play, to entertain friends and making your home feel bigger. 

A garden, or balcony or courtyard, has the power to support our mental health and wellbeing and doesn’t need to be picture perfect and weed-free to offer relaxation, pleasure, decompression and healing.   Getting your hands in the soil and watching your garden grow - literally - is an effective antidote to the busy-ness of life.

Imagine yourself wandering out in the evening after a busy day (with a glass of wine perhaps) to water the plants, do a bit of dead-heading or gentle weeding and decompress.   Imagine eating your supper on a week-night surrounded by plants, soaking up the last rays of the sun, listening to the birds and the leaves rustling.   Kids running around perhaps, pets happy sleeping under a bush.  Imagine a BBQ with friends, or sitting around a fire pit, wrapped in a blanket and toasting marshmallows.  

All this is possible in a garden that works for you and it’s so worth investing your precious resources in making it happen; in harnessing the power of nature for your wellbeing in your own environment.  The process of making a garden can be creative in itself, satisfying, inspiring and joyful - potentially.   Once you know what you’re doing.    

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helping garden owners

I help garden owners like you make the most of your outdoor space with my pragmatic and straight-forward solutions.  Offered as one off sessions, or more, or in a more ongoing way over the course of a year I help you make your garden dreams a reality. Spend three hours with me and you will know what steps to take to move things forward. 

We’ll have created a rough sketch if that’s what you need or perhaps a simple planting plan, worked out the jobs that need to be done and who should best do them (according to your time and budget) and discussed style.


The Garden Experience - a quick and fulsome session in your garden to move you forward.

A Year in your Garden - enjoyable mentoring for the course of a year - develop your garden over the seasons with my help.  


with support its easier to do things we don’t know we can do

We might also have run through how to prune your roses, what to do about your ground elder, or how to prepare your soil for planting.  Whatever you’re wondering about I hope I know the answer, or at least know where to find it.  

With support and encouragement it’s easier to do things we don’t know we can do and get a tremendous sense of achievement.

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why choose me?

I walk the talk.  I live and breathe gardens.  I absolutely love plants.  I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is go and see what’s changed in my garden and greenhouse overnight - often before I get dressed properly.  I know what a difference a garden you love will make.

I’m a qualified and experienced garden designer and I believe in helping everyone access the design basics that make all the difference.  Not everyone wants, or can afford, a show-garden but many people want a garden they will enjoy rather than one that makes them feel sad, or guilty.  And I can help you make that happen.  

I’m also a qualified and experienced humanistic psychotherapist andI know that each of us matters and that our mental health is crucial.  I have personal experience of the power of gardens and plants in supporting mental health and healing and I want to pass on the joy.  

Making garden design, and thereby greater wellbeing, available to others seems, to me, an obvious way to do this.


fancy a chat?

I’d love to help you with your garden - please do get in touch if you think my approach is for you.

I live in South Oxfordshire and help garden owners feel the joy mainly around Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds and North and West London.

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After just one session I feel so much more confident about my garden and excited about I what have done, and can do myself, AND my garden looks so much better!
— Ros, Chiswick
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