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more than garden design…


growthfully - a unique approach

Let’s work together to create a garden that will transform your life. My collaborative approach is fun, inspiring and practical and I invite you to express your creativity with input throughout the process; we work together to ensure you get the garden you want. Fancy surveying the garden with me? Sitting at the drawing board, discussing style and texture and really collaborating?

Yes? Bring it on - that’s how I love to work.

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the creative and wellbeing benefits

Our gardens are a resource for wellbeing. There are so many potential benefits to making your garden the growthfully way; the process of being creative is, in itself, mood enhancing and self-esteem building - through the process your confidence can grow so you literally feel better about yourself.

Add to that the fact that you are creating a beautiful living space in which to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables perhaps and it’s a bit of a no- brainer. Once you actually start getting your hands in the soil the endorphins flow and serotonin is produced; that’s proven. In fact, it is now recognised that gardening has myriad positive health benefits, both physical, mental and emotional.



there are lots of ways to be growthful… 

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gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes...
— Anon
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I feel so much more confident as a gardener now, and am excited about what I have done and can do myself.
— Ros, Chiswick
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