the growthful garden experience’


what it is…

A bespoke, inspiring, informative and encouraging opportunity to chat your garden through with me.  I advise on all aspects - design, layout, style, plant choice, soil improvement, pruning techniques, furniture and container choice - anything, in fact, to  help your garden reach its full potential.  You’ll gain knowledge and confidence and get your questions answered whilst I cut through the mass of potentially baffling information out there to offer useful, pragmatic, practical and potentially life changing advice unique to you and your garden.

The Garden Experience also makes a wonderful gift… for someone you love, perhaps, and I’ve designed a beautiful Gift Card so please enquire if you’re interested in gifting one.

Sarah Layton uses horticultural therapy & garden for well being

advice and support in your garden

‘We really enjoyed the collaborative process and found it so useful to have our garden looked at with fresh eyes and a new perspective.’

We’ll start our work together with a simple visualisation exercise that will help you get your creative juices flowing and inspire the process - if you’re agreeable - no worries if you’re not. If. you haven’t done one before, and would like to try, I will lead you gently through the process. It can be amazing what you discover by inviting your subconscious to get involved!

After that (or before - I never know - the process will unfold exactly as it’s meant to) we’ll take a walk around your garden. If your garden is quite small and reasonably simple and your concern is how to make the most of the space in layout terms I might sketch a plan on the spot showing positions for all the elements you’d like to include.

We might also discuss plants, soil preparation, how to add greater impact - whatever your question let’s see if we can’t answer it and help you move your garden dreams forward. If you have a specific concern I can’t advise on on the spot I will come back to you later once I have researched the answer.

The Garden Experience is inspiring and enjoyable and garden owners often tell me how worthwhile it has been and how much they’ve gained.  



The garden experience lasts two and a half hours and includes a half hour follow up call on Skype or Zoom. The cost is £295.

Travel up to 10 miles from my home near Wallingford, South Oxfordshire (OX10) is included. If you live further away I will advise any extra cost for travel time.

personalised add-ons  

Planting design at your kitchen table: Following our morning discussing your garden as I’ve described above, I will design a limited amount of planting for you - equivalent to one good sized border (about 8 x 2 metres square) in three hours. 

Sit with me and look up the plants as I go along - it’s a great way to access my knowledge and get to know your plants - and it’s fun!

When I leave you will have a to-scale design plan plus a list of suggested plants that will grow well whether your border is shady or sunny with chalky, sandy or clay soil. Planting design at your kitchen table is charged for on an hourly basis at @£75 per hour. It can also be a standalone service if you prefer - in which case it costs £195.

Garden Centre Sweep: Following our morning discussing your garden as described above we go shopping! I will accompany you to a good local garden centre to help you choose the plants, pots, furniture - whatever you need to add those special stylish touches and bring your garden to life. I’ll help you make the most of your budget and we’ll return to your garden to position things together for best effect. Cost - £85 per hour.

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garden design - to scale design plans

“Sarah designed and transformed a small, uninteresting garden into an inspirational outdoor space.”  

Any sketch I create on the spot in your garden will obviously not be to scale but will give you a very good start if you’re handy and want to develop your garden yourself.   

If your garden is large, complicated, on a slope or you’re planning to work with professional landscapers I will probably suggest that we go through the full design process and create a scaled layout drawing. This starts with a survey of what is already there - carried out either by you if the garden is straightforward, or by a professional landscape surveyor - I will help you find one.

I will then combine everything we have discussed in terms of your needs and wishes with the information on the survey and create a design for you. I will supply this with a Scope of Works so it can be priced for effectively.

The garden design process can be combined with A Year in your Garden. Please contact me and we can discuss the best way forward for you if you like the sound of my approach.  £ to be agreed.

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Sarah Layton Growthfully garden designer oxfordshire

want more help?

A follow on? I’m happy to come again…

A Quick Garden Boost: I really want you to be able to make the most of our time together and sometimes this might mean you have more questions once we’ve done our initial Experience. I find a Skype, Zoom or phone session is a great way to answer these and help you progress. You can even ‘walk’ me round your garden to show me exactly what you’re talking about - it works brilliantly. A one hour session costs £85.

A Year in your Garden: We often find that one thing leads to another and garden owners want to continue the process with my support. Please click here to find out more.

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find out more…

I’d love to help you enhance your garden. If you like the sound of my approach I’d be happy to have a quick chat to help you establish whether my approach is for you.  

A huge thank you for today. I thoroughly enjoyed our session -
so informative, helpful and inspiring.
— Julie Oldridge, Bicester
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