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make the most of your precious outdoor space

If you’d like to make more of your garden yourself, without bringing in a designer to overhaul the whole thing or create a show-garden, I can help with my pragmatic approach and experienced design eye.

Whether you want reassurance that you’re making the best decisions over layout and style, need some help choosing plants that will make the garden look lovely all year round or just want to know that you’re not going to spend loads in the garden centre without having much impact, my approach is for you.

Combining garden design and practical advice with supportive coaching I can help you get clarity and move forwards with your project through one-off sessions or year long support or something in between.

and enhance your wellbeing in the process…

Our gardens offer a haven just outside the back door.  A place to de-compress, have contact with nature and get your hands in the soil. 

If you’ve ever felt uplifted by the sensation of grass between your toes or whilst wandering in the woods just imagine how you would feel with a garden you love, right there and filled with daily delights to enjoy when the mood takes you.

My philosophy is all about helping you harness everything that gardening and your precious outdoor space has to offer.


a year in your garden

A year of advice, support and design expertise together with hands-on tuition and encouragement to help you enhance your garden through the seasons.

We meet for five three hour sessions over the course of the year allowing us plenty of time to develop your garden season on season as well as build your confidence, skills and sense of ownership.

Elements we can work on include layout and style decisions, practical consideration, planting choices and garden care advice.

The seasons affect us as well as our gardens and I approach our work in a way that leaves space for you to reflect on your own relationship with them and find ways to harness wellbeing and create moments of joy whatever the weather.  My overall purpose is to help you create a beautiful garden that supports your well-being.  

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a day in your garden

An inspiring and encouraging session in your garden to help you gain clarity and confidence in how to move your garden forward.   

I will work with you to discover exactly what you want from your precious space and then together we will distill this information into a plan that you can action.

Elements we can discuss could include layout and style decisions (I might draw a sketch layout on the spot if helpful), practical considerations, planting ideas and garden care.

‘A Day in your Garden’ lasts three or six hours. In addition to everything mentioned above, the Six Hour Day offers a trip to a local good garden centre to help you choose plants and/or other items, such as furniture and containers, as well as time back in the garden to position them and bring your garden to life.

If you like what we’re doing and would like to continue it’s easy and economical to later convert your ‘Three Hour Day’ into the first session of the ‘A Year in your Garden’.


Let’s have a chat…

It all starts with a free ‘Discovery Chat’ - a quick 20 minute exploration of what you need and how I can help. A chance to get a feel for one another so that we can see if we are a good fit and I can get a sense of how best to help.

After our call I will be able to advise on the best way forward and what the costs to work with me would be.

Planting design for well being in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & London
A garden you engage with will make your heart sing, reduce stress and support your day to day wellbeing.  Put your hands in the soil and notice yourself relax.
— Sarah Layton
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