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Creating a garden we love is life-transforming - when we get our hands in the soil thoughts evaporate and we instinctively let go of the stress of daily life. Being involved in the process creates ownership and confidence.

I help garden owners like you get stuck in. My approach combines garden design expertise and know-how with coaching and enables me to help you create the garden of your dreams.

There are several ways to work with me:

The Garden Experience is an inspiring and encouraging session in your garden. Three hours to access hands-on advice with an experienced garden designer/coach and discuss your desires and dreams for the garden and how to achieve them.

The A Year in your Garden programme offers a year of design, support, advice and hands on tuition and encouragement to help you make the most of your garden and enhance your life.

The Garden Design process offers a complete re-design of the layout and planting of your garden.

The Planting Design service offers a re-design of your planting to bring your garden to life.

Want to make more of your garden and enhance your life and wellbeing in the process? I’d love to help… Let’s have a chat…


how about taking a quick moment for yourself?

Get comfy, close your eyes and imagine walking into your dream garden, looking around and enjoying the way the space looks, feels and works.

You stop to sense and listen and notice the birds are singing.

As you feel the cool air on your cheek, you spot that the plants you've nurtured are budding up and nearly ready to flower, and you feel happy.

Remember how you felt as you watered them yesterday? Calm, relaxed and at peace with the world. 

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feels good, doesn't it?

This is the power of a gorgeous garden; especially one that you have been involved in creating.

As well as providing extra beautiful and inspiring living space, it offers you a chance to see detail in a way you maybe haven't before, and to become present and mindful as you experience the small pleasures around you; to literally stop and smell the roses!

Gardens make life better in so many ways. Nurturing plants and being outside on a regular basis reduces stress, makes us happier and ultimately improves our well-being. A garden you love will make your heart sing, give you something to tend and generally enhance your life.


I’d love to help…

The growthfully approach is all about wellbeing, pleasure and time for yourself… If that sounds good do please get in touch.

Based in a small village near Wallingford, I help garden owners feel the joy of creating a garden all around Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds and West London.

The Garden Experience

A Year in your Garden

Planting design for well being in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & London
Altogether the experience of working with Sarah was inspiring and helpful.
She even managed to convince my reluctant husband how worthwhile the changes would be!
— Claire S, Cambridge
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