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my garden is my haven

My gardens have sustained me for years. Since training as a garden designer I have loved working on my own outdoor spaces discovering in the process that creating a garden, growing plants I love and engaging with the natural world on a day to day basis, is important in keeping me happy.

I need a place to decompress after a busy day, or just too much time on a screen, and the garden, and my greenhouse, give me that. My history of depression, which started as Post Natal Depression after the birth of my first child, and which I have experienced on and off since then, make it critical that I consciously manage my wellbeing and my garden is probably the best way I know to look after myself. Therapy has also been important and it was this that I turned to when I decided to change career.

Sarah Layton uses horticultural therapy & garden for well being

the journey starts earlier…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The story starts earlier.

I grew up in Yorkshire. Dad grew vegetables and fruit at the end of our garden and Mum would wander out to collect raspberries for breakfast in her dressing gown.

She was an artist and ours was a home in which the arts and aesthetics mattered and creativity was encouraged.  Though difficult in many ways, this environment was fertile soil in which I grew my life-long love of plants and space-making.

Following my degree in Art History I was a rather unhappy young mum at home when a friend invited me to join her on a course. It was delivered one day a week and, thrilled with the idea of getting some time for myself, I didn’t even check what the course was so only realised later that it was Horticulture.


garden design and psychotherapy

Luckily I loved it, one thing led to another and, following further courses in Garden and Planting Design I could design gardens. I started my practice in London and worked around the school run designing dozens of gardens over the subsequent eleven years.

I achieved the much coveted Registered Membership of the Society of Garden Designers (MSGD) but mostly I loved to see the way that having that new and beautiful natural space enhanced people’s lives and wellbeing.

Over time, however, I began to work on very high budget projects and these took their toll as I lost sleep over the project management side of things. Reluctantly I decided to change career, and with my personal experience of the enormous benefits of therapy, trained as an integrative humanistic therapist.

Several years later, now qualified and accredited, I started a therapy practice and often found myself supporting women to find space for themselves in their lives.

About working with garden design consultants in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & London
Growthfully by Sarah Layton


More recently, following a bout of serious ill health, I created Growthfully as a way to support women to make and care for a garden and create space for themselves, like me, in the process.

My way of working tends to attract people who are interested in their own wellbeing and personal growth as well as the growth of their garden.

Although I no longer offer project management I love to create gardens and offer design services, knowledge and support.

My ‘little black book’ and long knowledge of the industry enables me to direct you to the best services around for plants, furniture, landscaping and more as you wish.  



My services include The Garden Experience and A Year in your Garden.

I live in a small village near Wallingford and help garden owners feel the joy mainly in gardens around Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, The Cotswolds and West London. 

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blogging, workshops, walks…

I share my passion, inspiration, joys and own garden news through my blog, workshops and garden wellbeing walks.  

If you’re interested in reading my offerings please sign up to my ‘Monthly Musings from the Garden’ newsletter at the bottom of each page.  It’s not very regular but I hope you’ll enjoy it.


meet Milly...

I have been married to Nigel for more years than I care to reveal and have two, now grown up, children as well as a gorgeous, and opinionated, dachsie, Milly.

We recently moved to a fifteenth century thatched cottage where my studio is by the brook and there is plenty of room for my gardening aspirations to unfold - my greenhouse and vegetable patch were constructed in winter 2018 and I started growing my first seeds. Follow my progress as I develop my own garden on my blog and on Instagram...

I like gardening. It’s a place to lose myself when I need to find myself
— Alice Sebold
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