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stylish, beautiful and sustainable

Choosing plants for your garden can be daunting. Creating long season interest, with plants that will flourish in your conditions, whilst ensuring that they won't need more care than you've got time to give them takes knowledge, technique and patience.

I can help. As part of our ‘Day in Your Garden’ session, or alongside your ‘Year in Your Garden’ I may be able to create a planting scheme for you.

Sarah Layton creating beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting planting designs

hand-drawn planting schemes

If you would like a planting scheme following our time together I will first offer a proposal and quote. If you then decide to go ahead we will have a chat on the phone to confirm the brief and I will then proceed to design your planting.

During our time together we will discuss what style of planting you would like and how much time you have to care for it.

Once I understand all that I will create a scheme for you that offers on-going interest of texture, colour and form. The scheme will be supplied as a hand-drawn, to-scale, layout plan with a list of suggested plants and pot sizes for ease of ordering.


top quality plants...

I supply beautiful quality plants and lay them out for planting and will advise on soil preparation, the best planting techniques, mulching and more to ensure that your plants get off to the best start.

I encourage you to get involved in the planting if possible as its a wonderful way of gaining confidence and creating a relationship with your garden. If it’s too big a job I will draft in some helping hands for you,

Sarah Layton uses horticultural therapy & garden for well being
Planting day was intense and very hard work, but so worthwhile. A really great outcome; the garden looks fantastic.
— Max & Cynthia F - Shillingworth, Oxfordshire
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